About Us

I live together my husband and our kinds in town Częstochowa on the south the Poland. Dogs are my passion has always been.Many races are close to my heart but it occupies a special place in his cocker spaniel.My first cocker was a black dog.

He was a present from my parents.Again several years later I got a gift from my husband's red cocker Kuba.My husband always believed that a real dog is a German Shepherd.At this time live with us Mamba second German Shepherd in my family.

"Kobra" with "Seledyna"
"Kobra" with little "Mamba"

When you are thirsting for something you need to succeed is the motto with me for live.And so came with us Melania spotted by me on the kennel Blepers. Melanie is a little bit to small in size for showing. Melanie is sterilized.

World cocker's pulls tracking breeding sites around the world read about litter in the kennel Lastug . I call to delightful owner and now we call other today and with us is our star show - Dolce Vita Lastug-'Samantha'.She is my love. A great temperament and elegance.

Samanta Samanta i Melania Samanta(6-months)
as blue hood"

Is no wonder that out to our family joined her younger sister Samantha-Etiuda Lastug-called Tosia. I could not choose a better.
Thank you Anetka is a wonderful dog!